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The month begins with a Full Moon in Sagittarius. While we may feel pushed by others into one thing or another, Saturn and Mars ask us to reassess how we really feel about all this. And while there may be some friction, we can see clearly through our relationships with others. Now may be a good time to see who is willing to stand by you and who is not.

When we reach the waning Moon conjunct Pluto in Aquarius, we dive deeper into what we need to let go of. Where are we hurt? And what are we going to do about it? How can we heal? These are all things to consider. We may once again feel the struggle between ourselves and others as we strive to find common ground.

As the Moon reaches it's Last Quarter in Pisces, we see that it is sextile Uranus in Taurus. We seek stability, but sometimes that is forming a new path. It is a balance between the mundane and uproar of life. Closure is what we seek, and sometimes that comes from talking to others. New ideas from another can really change your perspective.

The Balsamic Moon in Taurus is sextile Saturn in Pisces and square Venus in Leo. If we want stability, we must first have a vision of what that looks like. With the Pisces-Leo inconjunction, we have to find a way to make these ideas real, and bring them into our daily life. We explore our mindset more with Mercury inconjunct the South Node in Scorpio. We are really digging deep into our past hurts and echoing them out into the world. Speak, release. Have an outlet.

When the New Moon comes around in Gemini, we have to learn to stick to our soul. We may get a little too carried away with our dreams, or abandon them for reality. What could be is important - it provides hope, comfort, and solace. But so can what is.

As the Moon makes a Waxing Crescent and semi-squares the Sun in Cancer, we have to see just how important self soothing and self talk is. Mercury in Gemini sextile Mars in Leo shows us that we can do anything if we put our mind to it.

As the Moon reaches its' First Quarter phase in Libra, it aspects Mars in Leo with a semi-square. The absolute strife that we go through to be at peace with ourselves is something to behold - but we are reminded not to beat ourselves up too much.

The end of the month comes with a Gibbous Moon in Scorpio, and is square Mars. Please be sure to take care of yourself during this time and address any sensitive wounds, issues, or grievances that creep up. This is a great time for self care.

Horoscopes for the planets

This can be read for chart rulers or dominant planets, or any kind of planetary energy you are trying to connect with.

Sun (the identity + vital spirit) - It feels like there's so much going on around you that you don't have time to breathe. Rest. Sit with yourself, and your ideas. It's okay here. Towards the end of the month, you'll figure it out, and be buzzing with ideas. Listen to your gut and that little voice inside your head as you move forward.

Moon (the emotions) - Breathe. B r e a t h e. The month starts off by feeling all of the feelings and releasing them into the ether (or void, your choice.) Let the feelings go. The grudges all creep up on us. But that doesn't mean you have to hold on to the feelings, as well. Be sure to nurture yourself, and all that you are. Make sure you leave room to explore.

Mercury (the mind + speech) - Stay strong in what you think. Forming solid roots and developing good mental habits among life's chaotic waves will only serve you well. And remember, be kind to your mind. You get what you put your mind to.

Venus (love + money) - Learning to accept yourself when you don't have a clear view of yourself, (that is, unbiased. Without anyone else's opinion about you swirling around in your head.) is hard. Getting rid of all the gunk in your head will serve not only your relationship to others, but also yourself. There will always be a push and pull between yourself and others. Learning to differentiate their dreams from your own will only serve you well.

Mars (action + passion) - Action's the name, discipline's the game. With Mars inconjunct Saturn in Pisces, we learn when is the time to act on our intuition, and when the time to listen is. You may not believe in yourself, with all that's going on around you, but it's important to move through (or even better, with, not against) the chaos.

Jupiter (luck + abundance) - You are building and growing and learning to become anew. As you embrace new ways of living and being, it's important to meditate on the fact that you get what you bring into the world. It takes time, patience, and a little love. Even if it looks hard sometimes, or unachievable, it is all about how far you've come (and that's pretty far). Take this time to think.

Saturn (lessons + discipline) - Seeing where we can improve in our spiritual health is really important. Taking a good, honest look at youself is really hard. So give yourself some space to look and breathe, and in doing so, practice seeing yourself without judgement, through no one else's eyes but your own. Learning to see through the deceit, even of your own mind, is important. You can do this.

Uranus (abrupt change) - Now may be a good time to change up your habits or practice that thing for your mental health that your therapist keeps recommending but you keep putting off. Sometimes you are your own best support system. Make sure you take care of it well.

Neptune (dreams + deceit) - Be delusional. But not in the "I'm going to upend my life" way. More like the, "I'm going to fake it til I make it and believe in myself" way. The support of yourself and others may help with this. Change is on the way, the only question is if you are going to sit with it or fight it.

Pluto (control +power + letting go) - Fuck what society tells you to think. What do you think? You're being called to a push-and-pull situation. How can you strike a balance between yourself and others. How can you see it all clearly?

Horoscopes for the zodiac signs

Aries - With Pluto retrograding back into Capricorn and Mars in Leo, you may feel pulled in many different directions. But now is the time to dig a little deeper and ask yourself the real questions. Who are you, and what do you want? (Admittedly, as I was typing that, I thought of this scene from Avatar: The Last Airbender, haha). By the end of the month, I'm sure you'll figure it out, even if the implementation of your ideas is not yet in full swing. At least emotionally, I think you'll feel better.

Self care tip: Sit. Breathe. Think. Remember who you are, and where you came from, is not who you will end up being if that is not what you want. Just think about that - what you want. And is it really what you want?

Taurus - Life is picking up, and I know, it has been for a while, but as Jupiter makes it's way into your zodiac sign things may seem to go even faster. Now is the perfect time to make a change and lay down the groundwork for what could be.

Self care tip: Change largely only happens if you make it. Nothing changes if nothing changes. The only question is: is it worth it? Be sure to sit with your dreams before laying out a plan of action.

Gemini - Making a change and thinking of change are two totally different things. You're in your element, this month (happy birthday (or belated birthday) by the way) and ready to see where the wind will take you.

Self care tip: Be kind to your mind towards the end of the month. Rely on others if you have to. You'll feel much better with a nap. It's important to self soothe and take care of your emotions.

Cancer - You may be in a "If you can dream it, you can do it" mood. This month you'll be primed and ready for action. (even if you don't feel particularly on fire, I believe in you.) You're feeling pulled towards what you can build.

Happy birthday towards the end of the month!

Self care tip: Perhaps journaling and getting it all out, in one way or another, will be a good way to see where you're headed and what you want. This could be talking to yourself (no shame, I'm a talker) or just sitting and thinking. Seeing who you are and what you really want care be really valuable.

Leo - You may be feeling the pressure of being torn between your past and the life you are building. But you have to get to a point of no self- judgement. What matters is the action you take now. Relying on others may be hard for you, but it's important to have a trustworthy support system as you figure everything out.

Self care tip: You are not alone in this. It is okay to reach out and talk to a friend or loved one. Take a moment to really sit with yourself. It is okay to just be. Sometimes the best form of being present may just be by trying something new, or hanging out with friends.

Virgo - You're working towards your goals and self improvement. I hope you can see how far you've come! You're making steps towards your future, even if the outcome or answer doesn't seem clear right now. Just be sure not to be too hard on yourself for not getting there immediately. (No judgement, I am guilty of this.)

Self care tip: Amidst the turmoil of life, remember that you still have your back. What do you find comforting? What do you find nurturing? It may be worth it to just look to your inner child to guide the way right now.

Libra - As you reevaluate your life and what fits into it, it's important to stick with what you know : Who you are, and what you want to change. Have those two things set, and you'll be golden. Towards the end of the month, you'll rely on your emotions and others more, and perhaps you should let them.

Self care tip: Taking time to figure things out is not a bad thing. You're going to do a lot of reassessing - of the things that fit into your life and who you are now, and the things that you maybe need to let go of. Maybe journaling or making a pros and cons list would really help get your emotions out there.

Scorpio - There's a lot of energy going on in your opposite sign, Taurus, as well as your squaring signs, Leo and Aquarius. You may feel a little bit beat up on, or like you've just been ganged up on in an argument. But lean towards your emotions, Scorpio, as you head towards change. There is nothing stronger than believing in yourself as you head into murky waters.

Self care tip: It's okay to look to your past self to see how you can navigate (or how to not navigate) different situations. You've been dredging up old hurts this year and letting a lot of things go. It's important to remember how far you've come. Maybe treat yourself to a little reward, and whatever that means for you.

Sagittarius - You're ever the adventure seeker, but now you may be looking for something to build. A new project to get your hands on. Something worth doing, and putting your whole soul and effort into. And it's okay to play around and experiment while you do that. Sometimes action doesn't come from dreams, or spite, or ideas. It comes from the heart. Use that.

Self care tip: Getting in touch with your emotions is one of the greatest things you can ever do. You're making progress, working towards victory, and it's a long road. Remember to give yourself a pat on the back as you explore. Relying on your friends may come in handy as well.

Capricorn - You're working through change at your own steady pace. Things may feel as if they're colliding to work with you, even if others aren't always supportive of that.

Self care tip: You're going through changes. You're working towards your dreams. It's important to be on your own side. You have to be your own mental cheerleader. You're getting there. But as the Sun and Mercury travel into Cancer, your opposite sign, it's important to dive into the deeper things- like how you can be with yourself when times get tough.

Aquarius - You may feel rather put upon right now, but hang tight to what is true. With all of the planets square your sign, and Pluto retrograding back into Capricorn, things can feel rather hectic. Remember to stick to your gut. Your emotions can tell you things.

Self care tip: You may not feel like you have a lot of support right now, but it's important to have your own back. Rely on what you know, intuitively, to lead the way.

Pisces - You may feel more serious right now, with Saturn going through your sign. More hunkered down and "it's time to get this show on the road" kind of vibes. You may be trying to implement more habits and routine into your life. Don't worry if you don't see results right away. You're still doing it.

Self care tip: Keep moving forward (or take a break) even when you feel like giving up. Sometimes things get better with just a little snack and a nap. You're moving toward change, and you can accomplish it. One of the keywords for Pisces is "believe", so believe in yourself. Be a little delusional in your confidence.

Some final reflections for all the zodiac signs:

  • This month is all about change and going with the motions of life. How can you acknowledge it, in your own way?
  • This month is also all about you. Change is change. How are you handling with it? Take this time to journal or rant to a friend and get alllll the feelings out.
  • What are some ways you can be a little more kind to yourself and others this month, throughout the turmoil of it all?

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