The Moon completes a full cycle around the earth every month. In doing so, it goes through many phases, caused by the Sun’s light shining on it. The Moon does not just work in isolation. The Moon’s phases as we see it are in direct correlation to its position to the Sun. This counts for both natal and transit Sun.

For example, when the Moon is full, it is opposite the Sun. This is because the Sun’s light shines on the Moon. For a New Moon, the Sun is conjunct or close to the Sun, so we cannot see the Sun’s light on the Moon. This is because the Moon blocks out the Sun’s light on it. Some say the Full Moon and New Moon are good for manifestation- I cannot stand by this. Not because I disagree with it, but simply because I do not know. And I won't support something I can't stand behind. With the Full Moon opposite Sun, it can represent a disconnect from the ego, and making the right decision for you. It may also suggest making decisions by you, for you. This could be strictly off your emotions, your identity, or values. The New Moon is often described as a seed at which things start. This is because the Moon and Sun are conjunct, or close together, at this time. You may feel more in touch, or like you identify more with your emotions during this time. You may act more intuitively during this time, or feel more in tune with yourself.

So when we look at Moon phases in astrology, we need to consider a few things-

  • Your birth Moon phase and placement
  • How you experience your sun in aspect to the Moon (if you haven’t gotten to aspects, don’t worry! Think about how you experience your ego in regards to your feelings. Or your identity and emotional state. This will give insight into placements, whether it is in transit or your birth chart.)
  • The Moon phases in transit and how you experience them. You may experience your birth moon phase every month on your lunar return. This, your lunar return, can give you insight to your natal Moon phase.
  • By tracking the phases of the Moon in correlation to the transit Sun, so you can better understand how Moon phases work. I often recommend the Moon as the first thing to track when you are watching transits in astrology. It is quick and easy for beginners.

The Moon phases are as follows in their correlation to the sun-

New Moon- A conjunction. This is close to the Sun, so that no light shines on it. It may represent being more in touch with your emotions.

Crescent waxing Moon- A semisextile, semisquare, sextile, or square. These phases can suggest numerous things, but mostly that you may operate between two extremes, depending on the aspect. For a semisextile or sextile, you may express your emotions wildly, creatively, and chaotically. For a square of semisquare, you may have issues expressing them fully, or feeling like you can’t just “get them out”.

First quarter Moon- A trine or sesquiquadrate. This Moon phase suggests your emotions flow easily or can be something you ignore. You may feel as if you have to work to express them, or that you are in perfect sync with them.

Gibbous Moon- An inconjunct or opposition. This phase suggests that you may need to work to get what you want, make peace with your emotions, or find common ground with yourself.

Full Moon- An opposition. This is when the Moon is opposite the Sun. It suggests that you may feel the need to “choose” between your emotions or identity sometimes. You may not identify with your emotions, or express them well. You may put off dealing with your emotions.

Waning disseminating Moon- A trine or sesquiquadrate. You may feel as if your emotions flow through you, or that you have to work to express them.

Last quarter Moon- A semisextile, semisquare, sextile, or square. Your emotions may feel out of hand, just out of your reach, or moving and fluid through you.

Balsamic Moon-A conjunction, semisextile, or semisquare. You may identify heavily with your emotions, or you may not understand them.

The phases also need to be looked at in concurrence with the transit Sun. Since the transit sun and moon are constantly moving, they both need to be taken into account. This is to say by themselves and in conjunction with the birth chart.

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