A lunar return in astrology is when the Moon reaches it’s natal point in your chart every month. This is not to say it returns to it’s natal position on the same day every time. This is because of the inherent cyclic nature of the Moon. So the lunar return offers us insight into the month ahead. It could show us where we place out energy for the month, what we do, and how we might express our emotions.

I read a lunar return chart much like how I read a solar return chart. If you want some insights on solar returns or how I read them, you can read that article here. The gist of it, and what I do, is read the lunar return chart like a natal chart first- on it’s own. I do not overlap it with the natal or compare aspects just yet. Once you get the gist of the month ahead, then I recommend overlapping it with your natal chart. This is more so just to provide more background info.

A lunar return’s chart’s houses are crucial, as any clusters of energy may provide where you put your focus for that month. It can be helpful for setting goals or knowing when to take breaks. The signs would show how you express that energy, while the house would provide where. Please note, I am referring to reading the lunar return chart separately and on it’s own first. Then, once you read the lunar return chart, you can overlap it with the natal. This should only be used to provide extra information. I do not recommend reading it in conjunction with your natal chart first.

Then, I take a look at the sign and interactions of the planets before moving on to the overlapping. When you put the lunar return on top of the natal chart, you can then look at the aspects to the natal and any close conjunctions besides the moon, that will be conjunct anyways). But looking at the chart separately first helps because it provides the general information. The natal chart on top of the lunar return chart should be looked at to see aspects to natal, any close conjunctions, and how the planetary energies might interact with your natal chart. If you want, it might be a good idea to try using this with your progressed chart as well.

It is also important to take note of the moon cycle you were born with. I touch more on Moon cycles here. This can be a regeneration of your emotional energy, or something that your soul has called you to focus on. The moon phases are not to be looked at as a singular fixture or thing- they need to be looked at in concurrence with the transit sun. Since the transit Sun and Moon are constantly moving, they both need to be taken into account. I touch more upon this in the article listed above.

This time of reconnecting with your natal Moon cycle may be a time of rest, regeneration, and a good way to set goals. It may also be a good way to set boundaries and safeguard your emotional state.

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