I am so excited. I met a man. But Abby! It was during Venus retrograde! Shouldn't you like, stop talking to him? Shut up. I like him. As Venus retrogrades in the zodiac sign of Leo, we have a lot of scary love feelings rear their ugly heads. I've seen posts like, "How scared should we be of Venus Retrograde?" to "Hey, should I stop moving in with my partner because Venus turned retrograde?"

Deep breaths.


So as we go forth into this season, I'd invite you to ask yourself a few questions:

  • If you had no knowledge of astrology, would you still make the decision you're thinking about?
  • Retrogrades represent extremes, re-learning lessons, and a time to reflect on your past and where you want to move forward. Sometimes we gotta go two steps back to get us on the right track.
  • What season of life are you currently in? Is this retrograde pushing you into a new season?

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