Beginners often have questions on how to begin learning astrology. And with so many placements and things to learn, it’s no wonder! It can be very complicated to learn at first. So this article attempts to answer some common questions, such as, “Which component of astrology should I learn first, the signs, planets, or houses?” and “Which is more important to learn in astrology (or more important in general), the signs, planets or houses?”

The answer is a bit complicated, but the short answer is that none is more important than the other. I have no preference on how people should learn, and to say that people should learn in a different way (or a certain way) is just a little silly to me, because we all learn differently. There is no monopoly over learning. And we can thank our Mercury placements for that, lol!

Allow me to explain. There is a metaphor about the planets being the actors in a play, the signs being the expressions of the planets, and the houses being the setting and backdrop of the play. But what’s the point in a bunch of actors if they have nowhere to preform? What is an amphitheater with no actors? And what are actors without expression and flair? That is what’s important, the fact that they all combine together.

But the point is, some suggest learning the planets first. Some considering them the main '“actors” or parts of astrology. Well, to me, that’s taking out the backdrop of astrology. What’s the point in studying astrology if it is not applicable to life itself? I have written briefly on how astrology is the study of life, but I think it’s worth diving into again. Astrology is not just the study of life itself, but also cycles. Cycles in our lives, cycles in life, and cycles of life. All of it is important, and not one more so than the other.

I plan to discuss the cyclical nature of astrology (breaking down the signs, houses, planets, nodes, and aspects) at a later date, but I think it’s worth mentioning just how important these cycles are. That is why I got into astrology. I had always found it interesting, sure, but I kept noticing cycles in my life. And I wanted to know what was up. As perhaps silly as it sounds, I kept envisioning a wheel, and all the information I could find was Ouroboros, and I knew I needed more than that. Then I found the astrology wheel. I thought I had struck gold. It is only through these cycles that we can understand the planets themselves, and then life. But these cycles are not just planetary, they are also house cycles, sign cycles, progressed, transit, and nodal cycles. And they all interlock and interweave together to create a story. They are the very basis for which we craft, and can understand, the story of our lives.

The next important question is, “Well which should I learn first? The signs, houses, or planets?” It’s difficult to remember now, but I believe I started off with the signs. Then the houses. And then the planets. But really, I have ADHD, so I kind of just learned them all at the same time? Like, I didn’t really learn them in any specific order. I was definitely learning what Venus meant at the same time I was learning what the fourth house was. And that’s ok. I didn’t really learn in any particular order, and I don’t suggest you do either. What’s important is that you understand them all, even if you don’t get them all at the same time. This is because the houses, signs, and planets are the very basics for which we understand astrology, and the foundation of astrology itself. For those struggling to learn all the meanings right away, no worries. But I want to provide some common knowledge among astrologers that may help.

The signs are often referred to as the what or how. It is expression, it colors everything we come across. It is simply a reference for how we see, approach, or express something. It is how we approach the different areas of our lives.

The houses are different areas in our lives. They are often referred to as the where. Where in my life is something taking place? Where do I invest my energy?

The planets are where we direct our energy. It is how we invest in certain areas in our lives. It is the expression of energy. For example, maybe your Venus, the planet of love, is in Capricorn in the eighth house. You may be good with money, a trait of the sign Capricorn as well as Venus, which is also associated with money. The eighth house is the house of other people’s money, taxes, and the like. So you may be very good with your values and very sturdy about them. But you may be very choosy about who you spend your time and energy with, as well as how.