As astrology grows in popularity, there is an increase in misinformation and fear mongering. I understand I won’t be able to eliminate either of these things completely, but my goal is to help people understand a few things about astrology and de-mystify it a bit. I also hope to resolve some of the fear people come into, and out of, the astrological community with.

Astrology, first and foremost, is the study of cycles in our lives. In ancient times, it was a time-keeping method, and could be equated to a calendar. Nowadays, we use astrology in different ways, but the principles remain the same. The cycles give us insight into our lives. Therefore, at its heart, astrology is not only the study of time and cycles, but of life itself.

There are three main components to western astrology, the zodiac signs, houses, and planets.

The first key to astrology is the sign. In tropical, western, astrology, there are twelve. I’m sure you could name a few. The signs describe different things and act in different ways. For example, I’m sure you know that your Leo friend doesn’t act like your Capricorn one. But why is that? Well, let’s delve a little further…

Each sign is assigned to a house. Each “house” governs a specific area of our lives. The sign shows us how we deal with those particular areas of our lives. There are twelve houses in total, just as there are signs. The houses change signs depending on the time and place an individual is born. Someone born at 7:00 a.m. will not have the same signs in the same houses as someone born at 7:00 p.m. Therefore, they will not approach their lives in the same way.

Finally, we have the planets. The planets describe different things, and are most often described as where we choose to direct our energy in our lives. The planets are placed in a sign and a house. Two people born the same day may have the same Venus, in the same sign. But because they are born at different times and places, Venus will not belong to the same house. This, for example, would show us how they approach and express love differently, and act in different ways.

Thanks so much for reading and best wishes,