Spoiler alert: The whole movie.

During the movie of Disney Pixar’s Soul, the topic of dreams, hopes, goals, and expectations all collide into one. Purpose. We often, in our society, attribute our passion (which we will attribute to Mars), our love (which we will attribute to Venus), and our dreams (Neptune), to our purpose in life. Soul plans on breaking down that concept.

In Soul we learn of the lost souls, souls that are disconnected from themselves and their passions. Their passion becomes their obsession, and it disconnects them from love and life. We covered this topic in depth in our Pluto blog. But we also learn of sparks.

Sparks are, simply put, your passion. They can become your life’s dream. They can drive your towards a goal, or fulfillment. They can even become an obsession. But they are integral motivators, nonetheless.

Many would call your spark your reason for living- though the movie distinguishes that isn’t quite right either. While our sparks make us have a zest for life, and can be key motivators for us, they are not all that is in life. A life consumed by one dream is, by and large, pointless. The main character, Joe, spends his whole life pursuing his music career, and when he finally attains it, it isn’t nearly as fulfilling as he thought it was.

A photo of Jerry saying, "A spark isn't a soul's purpose."

The problem comes, when Joe, and we ourselves, assign our spark to our purpose. We think our spark is our purpose. It becomes our reason for living. This is where Neptune comes in. It is both the dream, and blinds us to the real thing. It is the dream, the hope, the goal, the expectation, but it is not the reality. A spark is not our purpose.

So what is a spark?

Just something you like doing? A lofty fantasy? A dream?

A spark may not be the purpose, but perhaps the answer is more simple than we expect. Maybe the purpose is just to live. And that’s a lot less weight on your shoulders than assigning yourself a purpose, or trying to find a purpose. Maybe existing is enough.

And that’s where the fun comes in. Exploration. Maybe that is the fun of it, exploring life itself. Maybe that’s what it means to truly live.

But Neptune is the dream itself. And while dreams are a good thing, they drive us towards a goal, we can also get a little lost in them. We can become so single mindedly focused on our dream that it becomes all that we see, and all that we are. Neptune is often described as a “fog” because you can’t see things in front of you. The dream can become the only thing that you see.

But just as it can make things foggy, and we can become lost in it, Neptune can also make things clear. If you’re doing something that goes against what you want, sometimes Neptune will chime in as that tiny voice in your head, “Is this really what you want? Is this really what you dream about?”

I probably make Neptune sound like a malefic. It’s not. But that being said, everything has the potential for greatness and the unkind. I know this article can make it stand out that way, but it isn’t. Because without dreams, we would never have anything to strive for. We wouldn’t see a need to set goals, and we wouldn’t see the need to carry them out so much. Dreams are good because they inspire us to change. Whether that be something in ourselves or in our environment, is up to us.

We’d be stuck in reality.

We’d have no stories, no fiction, no works of art, very little or no motivation to do or accomplish anything. None of it. But because we have dreams, even if they sometimes turn into fantasies, we have something to work towards. To strive towards. Dreams are not silly little things, but very, very important, as shown in the film, and in our every day lives. We must take the matter seriously.

The main character finally does achieve his dream. He preforms on stage for people, and they love it. And he admits that he thought he’d feel different. So he’s given a story. It goes something like:

A fish swims up to another fish and asks which way the ocean is. The second fish is appalled. “This is the ocean!” he replies. “No,” says the former fish, “This is just water.”

We can easily miss our dreams even when we’re still living them. Just how Joe realizes that he is living his dream just by living, it could be through teaching music, or through preforming.

How can you use Neptune in your chart? In what ways does it give you illusions or disillusions about the areas of life it’s in? How did it make things clear for you or push you to strive for greater goals?

What will you do with your dream? How will you use it? How do you use your dream or chase it in your everyday life? Just some things to think about how Neptune manifests itself in your chart.

I hope this helped in your astrology studies! To get a recap on all things astrology, you can sign up for the newsletter down below. I’d love to hear what you thought, and what you’d like to be covered next! Best wishes!