So, I've never really identified with my Sun, even though I have a stellium involving the Sun and many planets in that sign. I've never really thought to study the Sun in depth astrologically, as the Moon, chart ruler, and dominant planets were always of more importance to me. But it's come to my attention that I do, in fact, like everyone else, have a Sun. And it does, in fact, affect me. My experiences with it have almost been somewhat volatile, but I wanted to explore the Sun a little more in relation to our identity. How do we change, grow, and explore? These are some topics I want to cover.

So here's my chart. You're likely to notice a few things, but for now I'd like to point your attention to:

  • My Sun is exactly square Pluto
  • My Sun is conjunct the South Node
  • My Sun is in Pisces

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