So, I have a post titled, "Why I don't do monthly horoscopes as an astrologer" saved to my drafts. I've never quite believed in it- not in the real, concrete, sense, but in a philosophical sense.

Which has me questioning - is there any way to do horoscopes that feels true to me?

I wrote that we need to change the way we do things. And I stand by that. But instead of using them as predictive techniques, what if we reframed them? The way we reframe them would depend on the astrologer, of course. But for me, I'd like to see them from a self-growth, cyclical perspective. Working with the cycles in our lives rather than against them.

So I've created a horoscope. Something that, truthfully, I never thought I'd do. But if I want to see change, I don't think the way to do that is to sit around and complain about it. I think I've been presented with a wonderful opportunity to set an example for what forecasts, horoscopes, and things of that nature could be like. I do hope that in some tiny way I can change hearts.

Truthfully, I mulled over this idea for days. Days. This article has been done for a while. But it drove me crazy. What if it did more harm than good? I never read my actual weather forecast, why should I do an astrological one? I don't check those either! But I know other people do. So perhaps this will help people.

I don't use prediction in my practice (much to the dismay of some clients). So I'm still a uncomfortable with all this, although I didn't include any actual prediction. It makes me squirm on the inside. I'm worried about the outcome (the very thing horoscopes and forecasts are for, right?) But an idea begs to be released at some point, and I hope this will change, grow, and evolve, as I'm still not satisfied with where it's at at it's release. In that sense, I expect many issues to change as I play around with it and grow more comfortable. Perhaps each should have it's own theme for the transits for the month.

I've made all of this into a separate newsletter, so that people who don't want horoscopes and forecasts in their inbox won't get them. For people already subscribed, you can just sign into your account and switch it on if you want to receive it.

A key is attached at the bottom of the interpretations for all the planets, signs, aspects, etc. mentioned. (I originally tried doing keys with the basics of everything. In the words of the great Cady Heron from Mean Girls, it looked like "word vomit".) (Heads up: the key for happy horoscopes still looks like word vomit. But I tried really hard. So it may have to be separate graphics from now on.)

So here's the "forecast" of March 2023.

The thoughtful transits for March of 2023.

March always presents a time of great change. The phrase, "March comes in like a lion but goes out like a lamb" is usually assigned to the actual weather, and the shift from winter to spring. The same could be said from the Sun's shift from mild Pisces into bold and assertive Aries.

Life returns to earth. We feel free to bask in the sun. Spring has come. And throughout this season we are especially reminded that things get better. Grass grows again, animals shed, we can start our garden, and go out on picnics with friends. The shift from Pisces to Aries reminds us of one thing: there is hope that the future can be better than the past. And the best way to start that is by living in the present.

We see a lot of shifts this month. We see Mars take residence in Cancer, asking you to reassess what you call home. We are called to seek out a place we are comfortable; a place we belong. We're asked to reassess what really matters to us.

We see Saturn dip its toes into Pisces, reminding us that dreams still have a place in everyday life. What are you doing to work on them? To bring them out into the world? We are reminded, once again, that dreams still live on in our hearts. And that itself is important.

Pluto is the planet that represents obsession. But what is the inherent lesson in obsession? Learning to let go. When Pluto tests out the waters of Aquarius, it won't be for long - it will return back to Capricorn in June of 2023. The back and forth between Pluto in Capricorn and Aquarius will continue until the end of 2024. Sometimes it takes us a little time to decide what we want.

Transitions happen throughout our lives. Some take place over the course of months or years, like a developing a skill. Some take place in an instant, like the moment when you realize a relationship isn't working anymore. Now what follows that realization is up to you, but the moment is there in an instant, and gone in an instant.

When we are thrown one of life's curveballs, we have to confront that some things just don't fit into our lives anymore. Not like they used to. Like a pair of old jeans, we are faced with the decision of what to do next with the options available. Jeans can be sewn, tailored, patched, put away, made into something new, destroyed, or gifted to someone else. As we outgrow our situations, it's important to remember that those lessons can help us in the future, and can guide other people. What can you do to creatively take advantage of your circumstances?

Pluto is doing the equivalent of trying on new shoes. Seeing what fits, what doesn't. What style works, and what doesn't. But it's trying to find the beauty in the transition, and letting go. It is honoring the present by remembering the lessons of the past, but understanding that it's hard to let go sometimes. It's okay to give yourself time and space while you make decisions.

The upcoming equinox asks us to have balance with ourselves and others as we look at what in our lives is worth hanging on to, and what is worth releasing. It asks us to be honest with ourselves about what we actually need, and what we want to be implementing in our lives.

This month is all about releasing and embracing what is.

Some questions:

  1. How can I embrace the transitions in my life?  
  2. What "spring cleaning" do I need to do in my life? What is worth letting go of?
  3. Where and how can I create balance in my life?
  4. What is a creative solution to my problem?
the thoughtful transits key. featuring the meanings of the zodiac, planets, and equinox.
The thoughtful transits key for March 2023

I'm still playing around with another version of thoughtful transits, called happy horoscopes. Truth be told, I expect this to grow and change a lot. I hope it pushes the limits of how far you've grown, and reminds you that you can still grow and change. Thank you for reading and continuing to be a part of this journey with me as it unfolds. I hope you enjoy!

Please note the time zone calculation is in EST/EDT.

We start off the month building up to the Full Moon in Virgo. This is a month of asking what actual change needs to be implemented in our lives. We see all the cracks, nooks, and crannies that have built up over the years. The spots we've all ignored, or put off, can feel a little insurmountable when they pile up. We're called to change what we've been long putting off. Or, at the very least, acknowledge that the issues are there.

From there, we see the Moon connect with the direct south node in Scorpio. What are we hanging on to? What is dragging us down? What do we refuse to give up, even at the expense of ourselves? How do we shed the past and get to where we want to be?

When we see the Moon enter Sagittarius, we're reminded of how we can better communicate with others. Try to get into the thick of it. Is it us versus each other, or us versus the problem? See how you can tackle this while still being true to your sense of self.

This theme is continued when the Moon enters Aquarius and sextiles Jupiter. We see how we can follow others, but still embrace our own individuality. Balsamic Moons are like rest before action- the perfect time to plan where you want to be, with a strong drive to push you forward. With the Moon's square to Uranus, please be sure to look after your emotional and mental health. You may really want to push yourself, and that's okay, but be sure to make some time for you.

When the New Moon joins the Sun in Aries the day after the equinox, we are reminded of new beginnings, fresh air, and the beauty of starting over. We see where we can take action in our life, and what steps we need to take to see our goals through. We see how we can shift our perspective, and see our lives with new eyes and open arms.

From there we see the Moon enter Taurus and say hi to Uranus, asking us to reassess stability and comfort in our lives. This is a time of new beginnings and new horizons, it's best to start with your comfort zone. What can you do to broaden your sense of comfort? Are there any old hobbies you've left behind that may provide a sense of peace and security?

From there we see the Moon meet up with Mars, asking us what we can do to best feel a sense of belonging in our lives. From there, we end the month with the Moon in Leo, reassessing how we can present ourselves to the world. We've pushed our comfort zones, but how can we fully express how much we've grown? And how can we feel more at home in ourselves while doing it? This is a reminder that sometimes growth comes slowly (I know, I hate it too.)

Woman shunning a sword with a skirt of flames. Change through daily habits or dramatic escape?
Full credit to the original artist William Russell Flint. 

How I feel 99.8% of the time ^

We do not make the flowers bloom any faster. They are right on time, always. You are right on time, always.

The key for happy horoscopes March 2023. contains Moon phases, signs, planets, nodes, and aspects.
The key for happy horoscopes March 2023
  1. What do I need to pick back up again in my life?
  2. What are some things I'd like to try, but haven't?
  3. What are some ways you can work towards your dreams?
  4. What are some tiny ways I can make a difference in my life? (This can be as small as taking a bath to relax every once in a while, and as big as volunteering somewhere locally).

Some reflections

Aries- How can you foster your relationship with yourself? Where are you pushing yourself too hard, and where are you not pushing enough? How can you find the balance between the two?

Taurus- As you grow and stretch and change, remember there is space for you now, in the present, past, and future. Not all change has to stay. You can invite it into your home or push it away. How can you make more decisions around the change you embrace?

Gemini- With Mars moving out of Gemini, you may feel as if now is the time to rest. With all the frazzledness and hubbub of everything, now may be the time you find your own form of sanctity. Take this time to do whatever it is that brings you peace - if that's to keep moving forward, do it! If that's to try something new and pursue a hobby - do it! If that's just taking a reallyyyyy long nap - do it!

Cancer- What action do you need to take in your life? You've been pushing off something that makes you uncomfortable. But on the other side of the resistance of addressing the situation is relief.

Leo- How can you get in touch with your inner self? Your true thoughts and feelings? You may have been feeling as though your feelings have been trampled on in favor of others, but now is the time to acknowledge that you, too, have a place in this world. How you think and feel matters too.

Virgo- How can you ease yourself into the changes you've implemented over the past year? How can you accept yourself and give yourself forgiveness for not accomplishing your goals like, right this instant? Sometimes you need to savor the rewards of your work.

Libra- As you devote this time and energy to greater growth, you may find yourself expanding in unexpected ways. How can you find balance in this upcoming season? How can you plan ahead for this new phase in your life? How can you take this time to breathe?

Scorpio- Thinking. Ruminating. Mulling it over. Perhaps you've turned this idea around in your head again and again and again. You can't know the future, but you can know your heart. If it's the outcome you're focused on, perhaps try journaling of all the possible ways it could go and what you're truly anxious about. Have some fun with it. Aliens could come down! The Amish Mafia makes you buy their sweets! (Side note: If aliens do come down, who's gonna tell the Amish? Because it's not like they're gonna hear about it through social media or anything.) Unicorns come out of the sky and personally bless you with their magic tears! The outcome is not what matters - how you feel is. Perhaps some soul digging is in order.

Sagittarius- Daydreams contain hope. Perhaps you've felt stalled in your life for a while, and you're forced to confront the change within you. Perhaps hope of change itself felt like a mere daydream. What ways can you find reprieve? Life looks a little brighter when you're not at war with yourself. Now may feel like a good time to rely on others, or to do some self-care. Do not fear your own growth and the ways you have grown.

Capricorn- Communication is the path that opens up all doors. Doors into the mind, doors to opportunity, and doors to unexpected journeys. As you learn how to communicate your hopes and dreams, allow yourself to be open and more forgiving of the surprises that pop up. Give yourself space while you figure it out, and remember to stay here, now, and in the present.

Aquarius- What are some ways you can seek out the little surprises in your everyday life? The small things can add up to a whole mountain of tiny treasures.  By creating a space you can thrive, you allow yourself to go forward on a new journey. Embrace the change.

Pisces- What do you need to take more seriously in life? What are you putting off that you know will take five minutes of your time? Take this time as a reminder that you can still grow and change. Forgive yourself if you're not making progress you expect you should. How can you nurture your heart?