We start off the month simmering with our ideas and seeing how we can make them a reality, as the Moon is a waxing Gibbous in Leo, trine Mercury in Aries.We might think of ways we can best lean into ourselves - who are we and what do we stand for? What's a good mode of self expression? We've also got this Moon inconjunct Neptune in Pisces, asking us how we can wake up and get our head out of the sand. The theme for this is action.

We then move into the Full Moon in Libra inconjunct Uranus in Taurus, asking us how we can evoke a sense of peace in ourselves and others. Perhaps we feel a bit unsteady in where we stand and in our relationships. This Full Moon asks us where we can look back and see where, how, and why we fit into the picture. We are presented with a choice about ourselves - live how others want us to live, at the detriment to our soul, or live in harmony with both ourselves and others.

We then move on to the disseminating Moon in Sagittarius. It is square Saturn in Pisces and semisextile and inconjunct the nodes, respectively. We may feel called to question what we want to make of ourselves. How does our past pain influence our self limiting beliefs? Where have we been to hard on ourselves and our dreams? The nodes are direct during this time, asking us to reconsider what it is we actually want to work towards. With the north node in Taurus inconjunct the Moon, we see very clearly the steps we need to take to become our future selves. What do they look like? How do they act on their dreams, values, and beliefs? What have they gotten rid of? What have they changed and what have they embraced? Their mindset? Goals? Creating silly little art projects that only exist to make them happy? Baking to release their unreleased anger? (Highly recommend kneading dough for this). My point is - becoming the selves we want to be requires action. Not in some big, grandiose way, like applying to 20 colleges while you're on a motivational high. But in accepting that who you are now is not the you of the past. And when you accept that, then you are free to craft and create the person you've always wanted to be.

As we move into the Last Quarter Moon, we are encouraged to pause and wait. What parts of ourselves have we purposefully kicked to the curb? What have we let go of, or what do we need to let go of? The Moon is loosely conjunct Pluto and square Jupiter and the Sun. We may feel called, now more than ever, to work on ourselves.

As the Balsamic Moon approaches, we put our money where our mouth is. We are disciplined and motivated to work on ourselves and our dreams. The future is ripe for those willing to dream it. We are encouraged to think, dream, plan, and rest.

Then we explore the Solar eclipse in Aries. This represents a really beautiful renewal of spirit. The Moon is conjunct Jupiter in Aries, we may be very forthright in how we feel. The Moon is also square Pluto in Aquarius. We are called to think about what's really worth fighting for, and what's really worth it to us. We also see the power that one person can have over the many to change the world.

We move on to the waxing Crescent Moon conjunct Venus in Gemini, semisextile Uranus in Taurus. This encourages us to reevaluate how we show love, to others and ourselves. What does our self talk look like? Would we say the same to others?

We end the month with the First Quarter Moon in Leo, in the same sign where we started the month. It slowly progresses into Virgo and the next major Moon phase as the month ends.

Please note time zones are in EST/ EDT. This may change the signs, etc, if you are located somewhere else.

Some questions to reflect on:

  • What is worth building to me?
  • What is the path forward that I can take? How can I make room for suprises?
  • How can we communicate the love we hold for others?
  • This month is all about expression. How can we share all that we're thinking and feeling, in even the smallest of ways, with those close to us?

Horoscopes for the planets:

Sun: How can we express ourselevs more fully and not put off what we're saying? Sometimes releasing is freedom. Towards the end of the month, we see how we have to communicate our emotions in a more constructive way. One that feels true to us.

Moon: It is really freaking hard to go outside of our comfort zone. But this month we are called to reach out to others, past the stability, past the safety, and into a new world where we feel comfortable being our whole entire selves. This is not only how we'll connect to others, but also to ourselves. Our inner child. As the month comes to a close, we see how hard it may be to express ourselves and how we feel to others. But with the proper nurture, and a realistic take on how we talk, we can see new and innovative ways to express ourselves.

Mercury: As we race with all these ideas about ourselves it's important to stop and remember: You are not your thoughts; you are not what other people think of you. When you let go of your sense of self, and your identity with the bad insecurities, you can discover new parts of you, and come to a greater appreciation for yourself. You can work towards embracing yourself instead of being so at odds with the collective deeper, more intimate parts of your soul. As the month comes to a close, Mercury goes into retrograde, asking us to see what it is we actually like about ourselves. What decisions have we been putting off making, that we know is best for us? How can we break the barrier of our comfortability?

Venus: As we try to carve new ways in our relationships, we must also think of our responsibility in them. How can we make our relationships better, for everyone? What are some emotions we need to work through? How can we accept that sometime the ways we express ourselves is not the most productive? How can we get a handle on our expectations in our relationships? How can we be more centered in ourselves while still acknowledging others?

Mars: Evoking a sense of safety is important. In order to nurture, we must first see through the pain. While we have big dreams for ourselves, our careers, our lives, our families - we must also think about our goals emotionally. What are we heading towards? How can we bring about stability in our emotional lives? What is it that we need to work through, that we are perhaps putting off? Towards the end of the month, we are reminded that if we want change, we have to make change.

Jupiter: We begin the month by seeing how we fit into our relationships. How can we most show up as ourselves? How can we best express what we need? That is the energy we're after. At the end of the month we explore the depths of ourselves and our more spiritual side. We let go of loss and seek stability, in a way that we can comfortably make.

Saturn: Sometimes we don't need a big purpose. Sometimes we just need a goal. Whatever that means for you. Sometimes you have to let your passions fuel you. And sometimes those passions come from spite (or anger). And that's ok, if it means building a road to a better future.

Uranus: How do we stick to our guns in our relationships? How do we stick to our values? How can we seek stability in an ever changing world? Sometimes we have to roll with the punches and an erratic sense of security. Change is not a straight line, and sometimes growth is looking at the ways you can best nurture yourself.

Neptune: It can be easy to get caught up in the world of ideas. But the reality is- they are only good if you act on it. And seeing what you can dream up and accomplish can be good for you, too. See what dreams you can achieve with a little bit of nurture and a whole lot of confidence. Go easy on yourself.

Pluto: In order to change, we ahve to be able to dream up a better life for ourselves. We are also reminded that societal change starts with one person. And that society can change one person. It all starts with one singular idea.

The horoscope for the zodiac signs:

Aries: You may have your mind set on greater things and what you can accomplish. Never be afraid to try. Push through the fear and put your ideas into reality.

Taurus: You may feel like you're rather chaotically on the right path, even if "right" feels far away sometimes. Sometimes you just need to have a support system to push you forward. Trying to network as you grow can be tough.

Gemini: You're bound for change and have just enough energy left to make it happen. Staying disciplined can be a challenge, however. But sometimes the power lies in our connections and love, not in what we actually accomplish.

Cancer: As you look inwards and towards yourself, you may feel as if you want to change your ways of thinking and living. Be sure not to reflect so much on your past as you work towards your future. Your new life is witing for you. Be sure to divorce your old one.

Leo: Seeing how you deserved to be treated better is a powerful thing. Expressing your emotions is important to you during this time, even if other people don't agree with it. Sometimes a starting with those you care about is the best way to feel heard.

Virgo: You get what you put action into. All things require a little time, effort, and energy. Be sure to rest and take care of your emotions towards the end of the month. Listen to yourself, even if you feel like no one else is listening to you.

Libra: Collaboration relies on everybody to be involved. Sometimes if you want something done right, you have to do it yourself. But if you find yourself pushing too hard too fast, then it's okay if you let someone you trust take the reins for a while.

Scorpio:  Working out your bad habits require effort and change. In order to truly see something through, we have to be able to let it go. Detach from the outcome, but put in the effort.

Sagittarius: You've got a lot going on right now, but sometimes it's important to rest. You can take a break and put things down if you feel that they're too heavy. It's also ok to rely on others, even if that's not what you want. You can only get your ideas out there if you tell other people about them.

Capricorn: Things may feel tumultuous right now, but in an exciting way. You may feel as if you're headed towards growth. You may find it hard to feel in touch with what you really want, right now.

Aquarius: You start off the month feeling nothing but tumultous. But, within that, you know the secret power in yourself. You charge through with your activities and confidence in your ability.

Pisces: You may feel as if you need to move, but don't know where to go. You try to get in touch with yourself, only to hold yourself back. Keep moving forward amongst the chaos.

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