We start off the month with the Moon out of bounds in Sagittarius. It's square Saturn in Pisces. Since Saturn is in retrograde, we have to consider the practical application of our beliefs. With the Moon out of bounds, it's important to think about our emotional attachment to our beliefs. How do they affect our self image? How do we actually live them out? Reflection and rest can be intertwined with discipline. The out of bounds Moon sets the tone for the month of Cancer season.

The Full Moon in Capricorn hits a few days later, with The Moon trine Jupiter in Taurus. This sets the ball rolling with great motivation and energy for change. Plans come from ideas and are molded into stable paths forward. With Mercury conjunct the Sun, it's okay to feel a little torn about how things are playing out.

Afterwards, the Disseminating Moon in Aquarius comes to be semisextile Pluto in Capricorn. That change you've been hoping to see is coming. But whether you act on it is up to you. The Moon is opposite Mars and Venus in Leo, meaning that this is a time of transformation in ourselves, our relationships, and the world around us. It's a time of connection, even if we don't necessarily feel like it.

As we reach the Last Quarter Moon, which the Sun and Moon both in cardinal signs, we realize that we, too, play a part in how we rest. There are times for action and times for relaxation. Finding a balance between them is hard, but so, so worth it.

The Balsamic Moon in Gemini is out of bounds and, once again, square Saturn. Embrace your inhibitions. Let loose. Talk to that person you're nervous to speak to. Branch out. Try something new. I can't help but think of this early 2000's bop looking at this placement.

Then we reach the New Moon in Cancer. I covered it's opposition to Pluto briefly here. The New Moon, like the other two phases, is out of bounds. This is a time of looking inward, seeing where you want to go, and relying on support. It's sextile Uranus, asking us to shake up stability. While we may find comfort in routine, and what we know, we may also find solace in trying something new.

The Waxing Crescent Moon in Virgo reminds us to slow down. Rest. Heal. Change takes time. Though Mars conjunct the Moon may encourage action, the zodiac sign of Virgo suggests that this should be disciplined, well thought out action.

The First Quarter Moon comes around and is conjunct (out of sign), the south node that has just transitioned into Libra. The Scorpio Libra semisextile reminds us how to strike balance through the discord. Harmony through the loss and the pain. When we accept what is, we can finally move on.

Then we make it back around to the Waxing Gibbous Moon in Sagittarius. It's inconjunct Uranus pretty tightly, with a one degree orb. We loop back to the thought of, "how can I practically apply my beliefs?" All astrology works in cycles, and we are called to honor them this month.

With so many major Moon phases being out of bounds this month, we may feel inclined to throw caution to the wind. Or, like an emotional big ball of energy. That's fine. Let it all out. I'll be the first to admit, it's been a rough month. But we are asked to slow down, rest, and let it all out in a good crying sesh.

Please note all times are in EST.

Horoscopes for the planets

This applies to to your chart ruler, dominant planet, or any planetary energy you are trying to connect to.

Sun: This is a time of embracing yourself. Nurture your mind. Lean into what you know to be true. Stand strong in yourself, as this is part of nurture. Don't be afraid of where you're going or how you're growing. Lean on others for support.

Moon: Cry. Cry. And cry some more. This month is all about letting your emotions wander wherever they'd like. Passions may run high, and caution may be thrown to the wind. If you find it's hard to control your emotions, let others support and guide you on your journey.

Mercury: Sometimes we really mess. We trip over our words, say the wrong thing, and then obsess about it for days. Since Mercury is out of bounds at the beginning of the month, it might be best to see where you can get outside your head. Go for a walk, talk to a friend, or reignite that love you had for an old hobby. Now is the time to break out of your (mental) shell.

Venus: Sometimes our relationship with ourselves has got to change. But we have to be the ones to take action on that. Nothing changes if nothing changes.

Mars: It's okay to feel at conflict with yourself. Let yourself grow through the incohesion. We are multifaceted, comprised of many different parts. They can all coexist.

Jupiter: Where can we expand our sense of stability? How can we use this to push ourselves forward?

Saturn: The Moon Saturn squares are at it again. But this is a time of cohesion in our beliefs and with ourselves. We are meant to work with ourselves, not against ourselves. Knowing who you are will help you stay strong in your beliefs. Or, be strong enough to change them. ;)

Uranus: It's a long road to a good relationship with ourselves. But you are committed to this. I know you are, and I know you can be. Reinvent yourself. Reinvent how you see yourself. Seek out new relationships that are just as fulfilling to you as you knew they always could be.

Neptune: Now is the time to let yourself dream - as long as you don't get deceived by them. Dreams and visions are what fuel change. Imagining what could be, leads to what is, eventually. <3

Pluto: How do you, yourself, fare against all this change? Life moves on everyday, like a rushing river. You've got a few options - dip your feet in, swim with it, swim against it, or to stay away from it altogether. Taking a look back on all the changes you've enacted in your life might help you decide on which ones to make next.

Horoscopes for the Zodiac Signs

These can be read for your Sun sign, Moon sign, Rising sign, or Venus sign.

Aries: This month may feel emotionally vigorating for you. It may feel as if you feel a spark you can't let go of. There may be a feeling of, "Now is the time to do that thing I've been wanting to", and as long as you've got your back and can stand your ground, it may be worth looking into.

Taurus: Things can feel like chaos right now but it's okay. Sometimes we need to roll with the punches and face reality. Change is inevitable. The question is, how will you respond to it?

Gemini: Things can feel like whirlwind - but it's even harder to manage a storm when you feel like it'll never end. It will. Stick with it. Sometimes resting is required in order to continue on the path forward, otherwise, you'll burn out of energy.

Cancer: Repeat after me: Everything's gonna be fine. Stick to your guns, go forth and do what you've decided to do. The universe has your back. Put your mind to it, stand strong, and believe in yourself. You can do it.

Leo: Now is a time of leaning on others. Vent your emotions out. Write them out, scream them from the top of a mountain, or just have a good ol' fashioned rant sesh with someone you trust. You can depend on yourself, but it's important to lean on others too. There is no need to be so solitary. It reminds me of this post on Instagram.

Virgo: There can be a lot of motivation to change. But not everything has to be done now or all at once. True to Virgo style, it may be worth it to sit down and make a plan before taking action. Results, like everything else, don't happen right away. That being said, take the motivation while you can, and run with it!

Libra: Guess who's letting growing? Guess who's moving towards growth? Say it with me : "ME!" I know there's been a lot of talk about the south node moving into your sign and what that means. Now is a good time to examine what's worth letting go of in your life. Moving towards growth is not always about self improvement, but creating a better place for your future selves, as well.

Scorpio: Breathe. You can finally let it all go. Let it all out. Release it. Whether that be through a burning, a ritual that's close to your heart, or just throwing something away, it's okay now. You can let it go.

Sagittarius: Sometimes emotions don't need disciplined, or to be bottled up, or to be told how to feel. Sometimes they just need to be expressed. Let it all out. Remember to breathe, and take it day by day.

Capricorn: Change happens slowly. Sometimes we re-learn old lessons to make way for new ones. Don't be too hard on yourself if you find yourself dipping your toes back into things you thought you let go of. (Sometimes it's just to see how much you've improved!) Growth is a spiral, not a linear journey.

Aquarius: This is not the calm before the storm. Life deserves living, whether in the restful times or the stressful times. Sometimes that's visiting a farmer's market on a calm Sunday morning. Sometimes that's cooking yourself a meal after a long, panic-filled day. There is life to be lived, even in the quiet moments (especially in the quiet moments).

Pisces: You know, change is scary. And sometimes we don't know what to do about the path ahead, or even if there is one. But sometimes crying can lead us back to where we are right now, in the present. And remind us that maybe the path is not before us, or ahead of us, but right under our feet. It's okay to camp out on that path for a little while. You don't need to know what you're doing. Sometimes life takes care of itself, and in turn, our problems. Oh little Pisces, please try to have faith. It's all going to be okay.

Some questions for all the signs to ask themselves:

  • How can I really sit with how I feel? Should I act on it? If so, what is a productive way?
  • Is there a change that is happening to me or around me? How can I sit in the uncomfortableness in it? How can I embrace it? Or, should I just let it pass?
  • Where in my life do I feel resistance?

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