April is a big month. Mercury goes into retrograde, calling us to reassess our ideas of comfort and stability. What are some ways we can create stability and routine in our minds? How can we better communicate our boundaries to others during this time?

This deepening of relationships is furthered by Venus approaching and exploring the sign of Gemini. We might feel pushed to explore the different ways we can connect with one another, even with those outside of our comfort zone.

But I think what we'll hear most about it the total solar eclipse at 29 degrees Aries. Run for your lives! A critical degree and an eclipse!! What are we going to do?

Don't freak out. Let's look a little deeper into eclipses, and April's eclipse especially. When we are faced with an eclipse, it's important to remember a few things:

  • Solar eclipses happen twice a year. Eclipses themselves happen anywhere from four to seven times a year.
  • How important it is to break down each aspect of it.

An eclipse is when the Sun, Moon, and the north or south node are all conjunct. In a chart, it'd look like this:

So we have to look at each individual element to truly understand the eclipse. This one features the north node (insatiable desires), the Sun (identity, spirit), and the Moon (emotional wellbeing) in Aries (new beginnings) and Taurus (stability).

And what could the world use a little bit more of right now?

Stability. Rest. Reprieve. We're tired. When we look at all we've lost over the past couple of years (Scorpio south node), it's important to remember what we're building.

True self care is not salt baths and chocolate cake, it is making the choice to build a life you don't regularly need to escape from.

                - Brianna Wiest

With the Sun and Moon being at the 29th critical degree of Aries, we're reminded that we need a renewal of self. We need to revitalize our spirit. We need a place to feel whole again, we need to take care of our core. It's a good time to reassess our relationship with ourselves and what we're working towards. If we continue on this path, where will we end up? We're asked to glimpse into our future. Where will our beliefs about ourselves take us?

If we are looking for an axis to actively build things anew, the Scorpio/Taurus axis is a pretty good place to start. Scorpio takes the pain, while Taurus turns it into something constructive and tangible. There's another Brianna Wiest quote that reminds me of this polarity.

You are too busy standing in your ruins that you are not building your new city.

Chills, right? (Would it surprise you to learn her Mercury is in Scorpio?)

Building something new, or even creating something new out of the ruins is not where the magic lies. But where the strength does. It's where the perseverance is. It reminds me of Invictus.

Solar eclipses are special - not because they happen twice a year - but because they allow us to take an honest look at ourselves and where we're headed. We're called to see if we have been acting on what we know is right in our soul. We can clearly see the mistakes of the past and the road to the future. The Sun and Moon can only push so far. Think of it as a mega New Moon. We're all instinct, feeling, and soul.

So as we go forth into April and a brand new season, I invite you to reflect on these questions:

  • What habits do you need to implement into your life? What habits are you done with?
  • What are you done wavering on?
  • What kind of life do you want to be living? What are some small steps you can take to get there?
  • What parts of you do you need to nurture and build up?

Much love and best wishes! You will survive the season and I hope it's good to you.


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