We start the month off with Mercury in retrograde and the nodes direct. We're called to reflect on what is deepest parts of ourselves and what is most important to us. And to see what we've been long putting off. What is burdening us? What can we put down? What can we replace these heavy holes in our hearts with? Mercury and the Sun are conjunct, asking us to reassess what we know about ourselves. What are some old parts that we hang on to, even if they are not true going forward? What parts of ourselves do we have to adjust?

When the lunar eclipse hits on May 5, we are called to break out of our old ways of thinking and being. What parts of our identity do we know no longer suit us? We are asked to look deeper, into the more emotional parts of ourselves. What's nagging at you to change? What is pushing you forth to embrace what you can?

We may feel pulled towards growth and action, but sometimes that growth is just knowing when to relax. Knowing when to put things down. And knowing when to stop and rest. We may have some trouble communicating this to other people, but so long as we nurture our relationships as well as ourselves, we should be a-ok.

This month we see Pluto begin it's retrograde again. In the coming months we see it's retreat back into it's earthy cave and away from the cool sir sign it explored. We see there's still more work to be done if we want change, especially on a societal scale.

We also see Venus trudge into the sign of Cancer. And with that, we can see the comfort of our old relationships, of our belongings, of home. We are reminded that home is not where we once were, but again, where we find comfort. It is the familiarity of things past and present, while still being wrapped up in a bundle of blankets, and not thinking about the future. It is seeking creature comforts in what we know and hold dear. It is knitting by the fireplace on a dreary day. Having our favorite food, and a reminder that some things of the past can serve us, even if they are no longer with us. It is a reminder that ritual is, in essence, what is truly important to us.

Whenever I go through a bout of swearing off caffeine, I am reminded that I still like coffee in the morning. The solution is not to get rid of the coffee. (Oh, no! That's a sad day.) But the caffeine. So I stick with the familiarity and comfort, and switch to decaf for a while (until I am back on the caffeine train).

Though we may find ourselves at a standstill with this as the Moon becomes opposite Mars and both planets square Jupiter in Aries. What we feel we should do and what we think we should do are two totally different things. But this can be rectified by knowing that both of these things are concerned with one thing: achieving our dreams, living out our soul. We may have many ways to go about them, and that's okay. Maybe you don't just need one way, but many, to illuminate the paths forward. Sometimes we just have to persevere. Carry on, with curiosity, just to see the ending.

Jupiter enters Taurus and we are asked to see the good - in society, in ourselves, and in other people. If we can't find the good, then how can we create it? How can we put forth a little bit of good in ours or somebody else's life today? Can we bring some coffee for our coworkers, donate a little to your favorite charity organization, or just cook our favorite meal? Can we volunteer at our local community garden, join a cause we care about, or just do something for someone to show how much we appreciate them? Can we extend some of that love and kindness to ourselves, as well as others?

We are reminded that where we are headed is greater than where we have been. We're getting there.

Mars goes into Leo and the Sun into Gemini. We see just how we fit in, like a puzzle piece, in our relationships. We see what we need to do to make a better home for ourselves and the world. We see that sometimes it is all about healing and nurturing if we want a better world, not just destroying existing structures.

There's a quote that's on the tip of my tongue, but I just can't find, that goes something like, "But when the war is over, what will you do then? When you have fought so long and so hard, what will you do afterwards?" Sometimes it's not about the fighting, the motivation, the struggle, or the battle. But about what we're going to do after. If anyone finds that quote, please let me know.

My. point is, some things in our past don't need to be completely sworn off. It is the essence of them that is important to us. And it's the nature of which that we can bring forward with us into the future. You are moving forward. You'll get there.

Some considerations and meditations going into the month:

  • What are some parts of change that we can embrace?
  • How can we see that our old selves are not who we are now?
  • What are some ways you can cheer somebody else up?
  • What are some little ways you can bring joy into your life?

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