Over time, I have noticed something about astrocartography. Perhaps this is a theory that is already out there, but it is just an observation I have noticed when working with clients, and in my personal life. People seem drawn towards their chart ruler line or their dominant planet line.

Now you may be thinking, "I hate my chart ruler line!" And you wouldn't be wrong. But perhaps this comes from actually living or visiting there. That is what I mean by drawn. By fate, circumstance, or pure coincidence, you end up at these places, whether you like it or not. I will use my grandmother as an example.

My grandmother followed my grandfather to Germany after he was stationed in a US base there in 1952. Here is her birth chart:

She is one hell of a gambler (and good at it, too) with Saturn, her chart ruler, in the fifth. ;)

But anyways, (just a little side note,) back to Germany. She followed him to Bamberg, Germany. And wouldn't you know, it's right up against her Saturn AC line, with about 8 miles (13 km) to spare.

My grandmother's Saturn AC line and her Pluto IC line, where she eventually lived.

She thought it was a beautiful little place, though I am not sure she quite fit in with the culture there. She said she always wanted to go back, and has been back with my aunt and my mom. She's traveled to Nuremberg quite a few times, as well as Munich and Garmisch. She loved Garmisch. There are no further lines in any of these places, though they do rest further to her Pluto IC line than her Saturn, unlike Bamberg. But all of these towns and cities are fairly close together.

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