It is summer! And that means my local Dairy Queen drive thru line is so long that it takes an hour to even order your food. But I thought I would take this moment to talk about the seasons in our lives and in our charts. It becomes much easier to understand the cycles in our lives when we take a look at our own personal seasons.

When we think of seasons in our lives, we often think about physical seasons - spring, summer, fall, and winter. We think of yard sale season and going back to school season (have you ever thought about why fall semester feels so new? It's because it starts in Leo, when we're alone. Spring semester starts in Aquarius, when people have formed solid groups of people to hang out with, making it a little harder to make friends, it feels, if you transfer in the spring.) We think of zodiac signs, Cancer season, Gemini season, Pisces season, and Aries season. We may even think of seasons of grief, happiness, joy, and recovery. Life is full of seasons.

But when we explore seasons in astrology, I think we can not only explore the seasons through the zodiac signs, but also through the angles of your specific birth chart. We all know a period of time or a transit through the Midheaven may bring changes in career or reputation, but what if it's a little different than that?

I explore life through my angles. I see through my Scorpio rising, the undercurrent of things happen and come to fruition when transits hit my IC in Aquarius, and after Aries season, I know that I'm (knock on wood), pretty much set for the year. It's chill until late October rolls around, Scorpio season brings me back to life, and things pick up again.

We think of life through houses and transits and signs, but we never think to combine them together (well, we do, it's called synthesis, but I digress). I told a client how when the Sun transits through my twelfth house every year (from Libra into Scorpio), I feel it's such a time of beginnings and endings. In some ways big, in other ways small. In some ways internal, and in some ways very much so not. But it's such a time of regrowth and action for me. Fitting for the sign of Scorpio, I suppose. But it is also the transition from the twelfth house (representing secrets, endings, loss, and more) to the first house (representing you, the lens through which you see the world, and the essence you take on).

For me, I have my angles across the fixed axis - Scorpio, Aquarius, Leo, and Taurus. But I said things tend to slow down around Aries season for me. Why?

My birth chart, withh a Scorpio rising and a Pisces stellium.
My birth chart

Because besides the angles, our seasons are also hemispheric. I have all of my planets in the bottom half of my chart, so those seasons tend to be filled with more energy for me (that, or it's just normal holiday time shenanigans). Taurus season, May, is a time of rest and pleasure for me. Leo season has things pick up, though not nearly as much, as the transiting planets come to be opposite my natal Uranus.

I would use hemispheric seasons secondary to our angular ones, though, as not everyone has planets in a specific hemisphere, making this not applicable for everyone.

But back to the angles - what if you don't have angles along a specific axis? What if you have an Gemini rising with an Aries Midheaven? I imagine it's much the same - though you may be able to synthesize the areas of your life much better than some, with your Ascendant likely being sextile your Midheaven. But it's also peculiar, having angles in different modes.

My angles are fixed, while the majority of my planetary energy is mutable. I tend to make decisions on impulse, opting to figure it out later. And typically, I'm one to stick with it. I know when I'm done. The angles, and how we express our planetary placements, matter. I once mused about this to a client, and she, also having a Scorpio rising, with the nodes exactly conjunct her MC and IC, replied that she often felt so sad during September and November. This is when her transit Sun is conjunct her North Node and Moon (Virgo season), and her prominent Pluto placement (Sagittarius season). It's worth noting she has no specific hemispheric placements in her birth chart. So another factor we can't look over in all of this is the transit Sun, and how it reconnects us not only with ourselves, but our angles and chart.

I know I often recommend following the transit of the Moon for beginners of astrology (which is part of the reason I have happy horoscopes), but I also recommend just a simple following of the Sun. It's a little longer wait than the Moon every month, but still worth it.

Lastly, for those questioning your angles - maybe you've never had the exact birth time, or you never felt like you aligned with them, or whatever, right? Try tracking down the seasons of your life that hold the most activity and the least activity. These could be hemispheric, of course, but it could also lead into insights about your angles, your birth chart, and how it works. This works best if you look back on your life (Say you mostly got out of relationships during Aries season-ish, or you mainly applied for new jobs around Capricorn season, or you found yourself moving into new places around Libra season, etc.) all of those events can help you recitify your natal chart and get closer in touch with your personal seasons in life. Having a real feel for the waves of motion and rest in your life will serve you - you'll know when to rest, slow down, and take it easy. And you'll also know when to start back up again, and when you feel most energized.

Anyways, I hope this helped. (And I really hope I made sense, I feel like I rambled a little bit there.) But it's something I've noticed with the transit Sun, the impact of the angles in life. Please don't hesitate to reach out or let me know if you have any questions.

Abby <3