I’ve wanted to talk about the importance of the IC in astrology for a while. People like to focus on the much more sexy MC angle. But the IC, which denotes the family, endings, history, and roots, is never given enough love. The funny thing about polarity in astrology is that both the MC and the IC represent community, but the ways in which this manifests in real life is astoundingly different.

The MC, or Midheaven, is more well known to represent our outward community. It represents the public eye, social standing, reputation, and more. MC relationships may be surface level, like the type you keep between coworkers, neighbors, and acquaintances. But the key difference between MC relationships and IC relationships is if you feel at home. We may feel MC relationships on a shallower level, while IC relationships may feel deep and to the core. The MC covers our reputation, but does it cover the people who really know us, truly and on a soul level? No, that belongs to the IC.

There's a modern myth floating around that in Japan there’s a concept of three faces. One face you show to the world (MC). The other you show to your close friends and family (IC). The last face you keep secret, only knowing it yourself. In this way, the IC covers some of the deepest parts of ourselves, only showing it to those we trust. The AC, or Ascendant, covers our outlook on life, our philosophy, and how we interact in the world. It is who we are at our core. Or, like this article says, our Soul Toupee. The DC, or Descendant, covers our relationships, how we make them, and how we approach them.

Of course, since the IC shows us those close to us, it can also represent our family. When people see placements to the IC or the fourth house, they immediately assume that they have to be on good terms with their family. They do not. Having aspects to the IC or planets in the fourth house just means that family has played an important role in their life. That doesn’t necessarily mean that the role is a good one, but a significant one, nonetheless.

As some people may not be on the best of terms with their family, the IC can also indicate our found family, or the people closest to us. The ones we feel at home with, and with whom we can express our deepest selves to. That is the nature of the IC. So while the MC and the IC are very different in nature, the IC represents our true community, our soul tribe, whatever you want to call it. It represents where you truly feel at home and loved.

Since the IC can also be those with whom we can truly be our full selves around, we also start to grasp the importance of belonging and community in our lives. Not just an organization, like a religion (9th house) or book club (11th house), but a community. A place we feel that we truly belong and are fully accepted into. We see the importance of not just a societal structure, a superficial type of community. But of a home.

That is why it's so important who we let into our inner circle, they need to treat our homes, our hearts, and us with love and respect. Home is where the heart is - where is yours? The zodiac sign ruling the IC and the planet associated with it can give us clues as to where we feel most comfortable, how we can relax, and the places we feel most at home at.