The rising sign in astrology can tell us a lot, from the chart ruler to how we present ourselves to the world. But the placement of the chart ruler can show us even more. The rising sign isn't just how we appear to the world, but how we interact with it as well. The placement of the chart ruler can tell us a lot about our values, and how we choose to live life.

Let's take a Scorpio rising, for example. The ruler of Scorpio is Mars. I've noticed that people with Mars as their chart ruler tend to be more active. It doesn't have to be outright, like exercising. But they tend to move more, whether that be fiddling with something or pacing or doing something with their hands. Scorpio risings just need to move. The placement of Mars shows a lot about where and how that person is active. Mars in the sixth house, for example, may take form in a variety of ways. Whether that be someone who loves to work, pick up extra shifts, garden, or has a routine that they stick to. A fifth house Mars may like to incorporate a little bit of fun in everything they do.

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