As discussed in my natal chart report for AstroApp, Virgo possesses an analytical ability above all other signs in the Zodiac. This ability to analyze their problems allows them to dive deep into them, and solve them. It allows us to not only solve our problems, but to heal from them. The archetype. of Virgo serves as an essential capacity to life- the dichotomy between problems and solutions. Virgo acts not as a sign that is obsessed with problems, but solutions. It is, above all else, a healer.

As Virgo is inherently misunderstood in the astrological community, the perception of the sign worsens. But with all of Virgo’s capacity to solve problems, I think the core of the issue, both in Virgo and its perception, lies in perfectionism. And where does perfectionism come from? Denial. A key Pisces trait, the sign exactly opposite of Virgo. Here we can see that the signs, even as polar opposites, work together. They are just two sides of the same coin. They are not inherently the same, but they are. They are so blended together that it makes it hard to see or define which trait belongs to which sign. But this blend of the two, this cooperation, is exactly the “compromise” of any polarity or axis.

But back to perfectionism.

When we think of perfect and imperfect, we often think of ourselves, thoughts, morals, or actions. We rarely ever think of plants. We don’t look at a plant and go, “That’s a bad plant.” It’s just a plant. And wishing it to be something else, like an elephant, doesn’t make it so. So why do we look at ourselves, and our lives, this way? We are perfect as we are, just like plants, and we grow continually, just like plants. That is reflected in our progressions.

My point being, if Virgo is properly grounded (as it’s ruler is Mercury), it could be summed up as the phrase, “It is what it is; now what are you going to do about it?” That is what Virgo is here to do. To build. And in doing so, repair and heal.

They, like their opposite sign, Pisces, possess an ability to see what is, as it is, and how it is. They also see what it could be. This ability comes with a cost, as all do. But that cost is so worth it. They can help and heal others, and themselves, if only they allow themselves to see that their perfectionism is not only a curse, but also a blessing. This is because they can not only identify when they're facing problems, but they also don't lean so far back in denial that they can't face it. In fact, it's because they can face their problems strongly and steadfastly that is their strength. It's because of this that they can solve their problems and help heal themselves and others.

Let me know if there was anything you had any questions about, or anything you want me to cover. Thanks so much for reading and have a great day! <3

Much love,