I started this during Cancer season. I am finishing it (hopefully), during Leo season. I initially wanted to talk about the polarity between the signs of Cancer and Capricorn, and the importance of resting. And while I still want to talk about that, I have some quick announcements.

I've never had an actual posting schedule. This is nothing new. I have Saturn in my sixth house, routine and schedules are definitely lessons I need to learn. But to make a long story very short - I will be taking a break. I can't keep up with the horoscopes, my mom is very sick, and my priorities are not here right now. So, while I've tried to get a general blog out every month, plus a horoscope and a transit overview, that might not be possible every month. If I skip a horoscope (or two, or three), please forgive me. I'm still going to post semi-regularly. It feels like a shame and a waste to get this blog started, grow it as my baby, and then abandon it. But as for when or what I will be posting, that I do not know. Hopefully something fun every now and again. I'm working on the transit overview for August, and have a few other ideas floating around in my head (such as: What to do when your synastry charts aren't compatible, interpreting your inconjunct, etc). All of that being said, if you have a question about transits (or anything else for that matter), please don't hesitate to contact me and I'll get back to you as soon as I can.

But as I slowly work on finding a work life balance (such a Capricorn / Cancer thing to say!) I'm reminded of the things that actually make up a life. That is, of course, work, yes. But also a home. A place we can actually rest. Sink into the couch. Zone out. Find some semblance of escape from the things in the outside world that plague us. Home includes the people that make us feel at home. The people who offer us sanctuary, a feeling of peace, and a chance to finally breathe when things get to be too much to bear.

It's funny- I actually did not spend Cancer season at home. I spent it at someone else's home (hi Tine!) dog / house sitting. And while it was a good month of rest and relaxation, I was excited to return, though the drive back took me seven hours. I suppose it's ironic that so many people take a vacation during Cancer season, hoping to find that rest and reprieve.

Before I left, we didn't know what my mother's weird cyst was. We were just praying to God it wasn't cancer. When I returned, we had found out, and she recently started chemotherapy. We all went with her, while that very same friend looked after our home and dog (thanks Tine! Your work and love does not go unappreciated!) Cancer is a sign of deep relationships - not just familial ones. The ones that provide comfort in times of need. As Cancer morphs into Scorpio in the trine aspect, the relationships deepen and change and transform through the pain of what we've been through together. Comfort and love is what we need when we're in pain, and that is shown through the Cancer Scorpio trine. We see how to stick together through the suffering, and the courage to love one another through it.

Cancer is a sign of nurture, comfort, and peace. It's represenative of how we fare when the waters above us rage out of control. We need that hard shell sometimes to help ourselves and others weather the uncontrollable.

So Cancer season has ended. That doesn't mean our support for one another needs to end. We are very lucky to have people praying and looking out for us. That being said, if you are a prayer or good vibes kind of person, we would love if you could send them my mother's way, please. I originally meant to write a post on mother's day about the Moon, the zodiac sign of Cancer, and my mother, but didn't get it out on time. So I hope this suffices.

So remember, take a break as needed. And, if you are able, tell your mother you love her and give her a hug.