When I first found out Scorpio was my rising sign as an astrology newb, I was... not pleased, to say the least. Edgy? I'm not edgy! (I am.) I'm not prickly! (I am.) I'm not dramatic! (I am, if the last three sentences has taught me anything.) But, as we learn and grow and open up more to the world of astrology, we see that it is not our perception of ourselves, or even other people's perceptions of us, that comes to light. But the truth. The reality. That unfolds as we do, and it's a slow and gradual process that envelops us like a warm cup of tea on a cool day. Scorpio washes away all pretenses and reveals the truth, the simple facts of reality, no matter how much we love (or can't bear) to see it. That's the thing about the truth - there's no hiding from it.

There is denial. (Pisces) And escapism. (Pisces) And there is simply ignoring it .(Taurus) But the truth remains there, ready to meet us where we are when we're ready to come back to it. That's why it's ruled by Mars. We have to be strong enough to face it. That's why Scorpio is the sign of transformation. Because when you're left with the truth and nothing but the truth, what else is there to do but accept the fact that something, maybe even you, needs to change?

autumn woods with some sunlight coming through

Autumn confronts us with this. Quite visibly. Whether you love it or you hate it as a season, you see the leaves change. You feel the mornings grow crisp and cool. Maybe you even feel it in the achy joints of your hands. We have nothing to do but see and feel the change around us.

The fact of the matter is, Scorpio season confronts us with but one thing - change. The question becomes, how are we going to face it? Maybe we'll take pretty pictures and save them for a scrapbook. Maybe we'll savor every last bit of what we have now, while still accepting that the unknown is frightening. Maybe we'll embrace the new seasonal drinks and cozy up by our pile of unfinished knitting and crochet projects.

autumn trees in the woods,red and orange.

Maybe we'll curse the change and vent about it. I hate the cold I hate the cold I hate the cold. Maybe we'll finally get out our well worn wool sweaters.

But I think that's what's so interesting about Scorpio. It comes just after a time of harmony and togetherness, and just before a time of exploration and wonder (with the signs of Libra and Sagittarius, respectively.) I think this is shown in how we approach fall - but also in the holidays surrounding it.

autumn leaves with a mountain and sky in the background

Three holidays (though I'm sure there are many more) that honor the some of the biggest changes in life, Día de los Muertos, Samhain, and Dziady are during Scorpio season. The time between October 30 and November 1 is traditionally, routinely associated with spirits, the afterlife, harvest, and seasonal change in many cultures around the world.

We think of Scorpio as a private and reclusive sign, but the signs before and after it reminds us that we aren't alone on this journey. Whether that be in our grief, as expressed through the holidays, or in our journey throughout life. Perhaps the mystery of this sign is knowing just enough of what is to come, but not the whole picture. We know winter is on the horizon, but we are also given a gift: preparation.

autumn mountains with little houses.

We may not know what winter holds. Whether that be a warm winter, a particularly cold one, or one filled with snow. But the good news is, we can do a few things. Scorpio season is historically a time of harvest and preparation. It's a good time to remember all the work we've done, all the memories we've made, and acknowledge the beauty of change.

Libra, the sign preceding Scorpio reminds us that we still have one other throughout this change in our lives. Sagittarius reminds us that, no matter the change, we can gain. We have many paths to choose in life, and change just sets us forth on one of those, whether we're ready to accept it or not.

overlook on the blue ridge parkway. N&W Railroad overlook

So as we accept this change (we don't even have to like it), we have to come back to the old saying,

It is what it is, now what are you going to do about it?

Scorpio reminds us that change is here, it is real, but also that we can take power in it. How are we to react? What are we going to do about the changes in our lives? That is where the self-empowerment of Scorpio season lies.