A lot of people don’t know how to start tracking their transits. And understandably, because it’s a challenge! So here are some things I think may help you understand your transits.

Understand the concept of synthesis, or putting your natal chart together. Your chart is more than where the planets lie. It is also the houses, which represent areas of your life. So you may not have any planets in your twelfth house of Sagittarius, but you have to look towards the ruler, Jupiter, and their position in both your natal chart and your transit chart. If that seems a little complicated, no worries. I’d like you to think about how you experience the twelfth house every month via the transit of the Moon.

The Moon transits through your chart once a month. It is the simplest way to get a grasp on how you process and experience your emotions, as well as aspects to your natal chart. When you first start out, I suggest doing this only because looking at everything, and trying to grasp the aspects all at once, can be very confusing. You can see which times you feel more down, and which houses you feel more at home in. This will give you a better understanding of the houses and signs in practice.

So you’ve tracked your Moon for a couple of months, and have gotten a good grasp on the aspects, houses, and signs, from there. Step it up a notch, let’s look at angles. You really don’t need to do this very long to see how they interact with your moon, or any planets at all really, but it’s an important step nonetheless. For example, when Mars or Mercury, (or Heaven forbid, Mars and Mercury) hit my Ascendant, I am nothing but chatty.

Then, go ahead and pick a planet. Any will do. But I recommend picking a fast one. Please note that this does not negate the impact of slower moving, generational planets. They are just as important, if not more so. The reason I suggest picking a faster planet for this exercise is because it will simply be easier to track. You’ll grasp a greater meaning of the planet’s importance in your chart this way, and how it personally impacts you.

Slower moving planets, for the time being, I recommend checking out by conjunction or aspect. These give you more time to slowly watch and understand them.

As for retrogrades, I guess my philosophy is simply, “don’t freak out,” but I know that won’t be helpful advice for some of you. The reason I say this is because retrogrades are simply a part of a larger planetary cycle. They are perfectly natural, and normal. We also see what we believe, and act in ways that, unconsciously or not, affirm this belief. So I’d suggest simply watching and waiting for retrogrades. See how it manifests for you personally. On that note, I’d also suggest that you watch for when a planet goes stationary or direct, and just see what happens.

Fun fact: In Vedic astrology, retrograde planets are said to be greater in strength.

Let me know if you have any requests for anything astrology related you want me to cover.

Best wishes,