Empty houses aren’t anything new. In fact, they are perfectly normal. This is because there are only 10 planets, and 12 houses. You are bound to have an empty house. So how do we, as astrologers, (or astrology enthusiasts) interpret empty houses?

The houses still play an important role in our lives, as they represent different areas and facets of our lives. So not only is this important to see how we approach that area of our lives, it is also important to see how that particular house affects us and interacts with the natal chart.

So the first step that I would recommend to understanding empty houses is to understand the concept of rulership. This is so when we approach an empty house, let’s say, a tenth house Midheaven in Cancer, we would look towards the planet that rules that sign- in this case, the Moon. So then we could characterize the tenth house, and therefore the Midheaven, by the sign and house placement of the natal Moon. This also includes the aspects and general placement of the natal Moon. Someone with this Midheaven could easily understand their sign placement by following the moon's cycles every month in transit as well. Someone with a Capricorn or Pisces Midheaven would have to wait a little longer to see how their Midheaven is impacted by it’s ruling planet via transit, but it could easily be felt out through aspects via transit (whether by the ruling planet or a general transit planet), or just by connecting with the natal placement in general. In this capacity, transits can give great insights into the house and it’s ruling planet.

Noticing our transits in astrology can be important, especially as it pertains to empty houses. This is because even though the house may be empty, a transiting planet can still make aspect to another planet, whether in the natal chart or via transit. It is through these times that we can better understand that section or area of our lives.

Just because a house is empty in your chart does not mean that this portion of your life is in any way empty or missing something. That area of your life can be quite full, or you could have passion about something pertaining to an empty house in your natal chart. Just because you have an empty fifth house does not mean you will never have kids. You very well may. It may, in fact, be your life’s goal to have kids. I, myself, have a goal pertaining to an empty house in my chart. Nothing is impossible, and this does not in any way signify that those areas of our lives are empty. Not at all.

These areas of our lives are not empty because even without the house ruler, or the aspects to it, or the transits, or whatever, we still have the sign to describe how we approach that area of our lives. That is all a sign is. A description. And a sign shows how we would approach that area of our lives, but also how we might see it, or what we might want out of it. These are things that you may want to reflect on. Even if you understand rulerships and the connection of it to the houses, this may be a good exercise to be really honest with yourself with. What does that area of your life mean for you? How important is it to you, really? What are some steps you can taking in working towards these goals?

My ninth house is in Cancer. It’s completely empty. And it’s my goal to live abroad one day. In fact, I find solace in the idea of finding a home (Cancerian themes) abroad (ninth house themes). In fact, I often think I might feel more at home and comfortable (again, Cancer themes), abroad. It’s all in how you look at it.

Thanks for reading and have a good day!