It is currently eclipse season, and in astrology that supposedly means a whole lot of chaos. The question is - why? We could talk about luminaries and the importance of the Sun and the Moon, but I want to talk about the real reason I think eclipse season is such a wild time - the nodes. Don't get me wrong, the Sun and the Moon are definitely a part of the equation, but I think we are underestimating a vital part of eclipses by consistently overlooking the role of the nodal axis.

I've heard a lot of reasons behind why eclipse season is so nuts. Some people say that it's because one luminary is expressing power over the other, as reflected in a lot of eclipse folklore. Some say that the time between eclipses (around a two week window) is a "vortex" or trial period of learning the lessons you need to learn. I think it's because the nodes are most likely to be direct during the four months out of the year that these eclipses happen. Let's take the most recent eclipses for March and April of 2024. March's lunar eclipse in Libra has the nodes direct 13 days out of the month. April's solar eclipse is close behind, with the Moon's nodes direct twelve days out of the month. (Source) You guys, that's almost half the month. The nodes are typically direct anywhere from 1-14+ days out of the month.

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