I deleted my dating apps. Again. But this time, it was on the basis that it felt dystopian to say I met someone off the app. Like some kind of weird, sci-fi YA novel back in the day. "Hey dad! I met my soulmate on the internet!"

Now there's absolutely no shame in meeting someone off apps. I'm not ashamed to say it, nor am I ashamed to tell my parents that's where we met. The apps have made things easier, to some extent, and more convenient. For example, you can meet people you would've never met otherwise. There are tons of hyper specific dating apps for different demographics, such as Jewish dating or the infamous Farmers Only. It makes finding someone like you easy, but finding someone you like, well, not so easy.

Dating apps have also made things a lot harder, in some ways. For one, you can never really know someone's intentions. This is true anywhere - but when someone says they want something and their actions don't reflect that, it becomes a lot harder to dissect what they truly mean. Another thing is, you're going out on a date. Not to get to know each other. Not to be friends first. Both parties are going out for one thing - to see if they are romantically compatible together. But there is so much that goes into love and romance! So much nuance and little things that simply just take time. People expect a spark, but there's a lot that goes into igniting it.

Uranus is that spark. It's that wow. It's the instant connection. But there is so much that is condensed into such a sweet little moment. Uranus is when our world shakes because of a groundbreaking discovery, and also when our world crumbles because of an unexpected betrayal. Uranus is the meet cute. It's the unconventional relationship that just seems to work. It's the pull of two very different people together, so that each may change for the better.

Uranus is the unexpected. It's the change you never knew you needed. It's the surprise that brightens your day. But you can't always be on the lookout for the unexpected (where's the fun in that?) Sometimes, you just need to be hopeful. Yes, this can change. Yes, this will change. Most things are a lesson in patience, I'm finding.

Love can feel like it comes and goes in waves. Just like deleting and redownloading our dating apps. Uranus represents the ebb and flow of quick and sudden change. I think it's really interesting that the planet of invention is aspecting Venus in most of the dating apps' birth charts I could find. Perhaps we're heading towards a new sort of love, in on again, off again relationships (situationship is the word that comes to mind), or a new way of expressing it. Whatever the cause, ride the waves, and you'll get there eventually. Sometimes we have to channel the other ruler of Aquarius, Saturn, as a reminder that change takes time, and also perseverance.

Uranus beckons a new wave of love. Or, perhaps more precisely, a new wave of finding love. And while that spark and chemistry doesn’t always happen quickly or instantly (as Mars and Uranus would have us believe) sometimes it’s the unexpected that sweeps us off our feet. Sometimes we just have to keep an eye out and hope for a surprise. Branch outside of our type a little bit, or create a new way of finding love (like our love-hate relationship with dystopian dating apps). Love comes in unexpected forms - and isn’t that the fun of it all?